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Class 9 Notes

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 7 years, 11 months ago

Preliminary Class Business


  • No office hours today.  (Instructor is giving a lecture at 4 pm in SSMS 2135 on "Key Trends in the Digital Humanities: How the Digital Humanities Challenge the Idea of the Humanities")
  • Course shared Google account and Google Drive space.




1. Deciding on a Corpus For Our Class Project


Flow chart of class project design


  • Following up on ideas discussed in our last class:
    • Eve, Lindsay, Alec, Ashley: Further thoughts about the 19th-century British novels corpus?
      (Spreadsheet of the corpus: metadata.xls) -- Also: we could customize a collection from Project Gutenberg's "Bookshelf" categories.
      • Jennifer: "I" in the corpus?
    • Maithy, Sinead: children's books?
    • Ginny: translations?
    • Also use the Project Gutenberg "modern" corpus we now have?


2. Research Question


  • Main research question?
    • Subordinate or related research questions?


3. Analytical Methods (and Tools)


  • Vocabulary frequency analysis
  • Collocation analysis 
  • Topic modeling
  • Social network analysis


4. Initial Tasks and Project Team Organization


  • [TBD]


Initial Plans:


  • Corpus: 19thC. Children's fiction (compared to 19thC. novels, and possibly selective contemporary children's fiction)
    • Possibly segment the study by chronological era.
    • Task 1: finalize list of children's fiction: (Lindsay, Aaron)
    • Task 2: select a few contemporary works of children's fiction: (Ashley & Jennifer)
    • Task 3: history of children's fiction (Ginny, Maithy, Sinead)
    • Task 4: organize chronological scope of the study (Alec)
    • Task 5: looking for research question.
      • Possibilities: pronouns, gender differences (authors, characters), vocabulary
    • Task 6: set up Google Drive space and PBWorks in organized way; scripts for segmenting texts






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