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Class 7 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business



1. Thinking Ahead to the Class Project



  • Transcriptions Research Slam, "SynchDH" (May 8th)
  • Your initial ideas about a corpus to study?


2. Topic Modeling


Readings for Class 6:

Other resources:


  • Building blocks of text analysis:
    1. Counting (frequency)
    2. Co-occurrence (collocation)
    3. Clustering
    4. Comparison with reference corpus (as "corpus" is understood in field of corpus linguistics)
    5. Other important supporting or complementary methods of text analysis:
      • Parts-of-speech analysis (POS)
      • Named entity recognition (NER)
      • Sentiment analysis
    6. Visualization
  • Currently leading-edge advanced methods of text analysis that build on top of the lower-level "building block" methods above:
    • topic modeling
    • social network analysis
  • The idea of topic modeling


3. Your Practicums





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